Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Alexander Böhle
  • Date: 2017
  • Skills: Educational Film
  • Client: FWU- Institut für Film und Bild
  • Demo:See Demo

FWU – The electromagnetic spectrum

Educational Film  (2017)
What causes sunburn? Where does my phone get a signal from? How does a rainbow develop? Why does hot iron glow? How does a microwave oven work? What does a nude scanner do? And do these things have something in common? Yes – they are all based on electromagnetic radiation. If you arrange them according to their different wavelengths or frequency values, you get the electromagnetic spectrum. Let’s take a look at this…




Production Company
heureka ! film
Director & Cinematographer
Alexander Böhle
Chief Editor
3D Motion Graphics
2D Graphics


Gerrit Anke Rau, Dr. Maike Schuchmann
Markus Krämer
Ildico Böhle
Ronald Spiess
Dr. Sylvia Becker, Alexander Böhle
Alexander Böhle