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  • Created by: Alexander Böhle
  • Date: 2018
  • Skills: Educational Film
  • Client: FWU - Institut für Film und Bild
  • Demo:See Demo


FWU – Analysis and Synthesis

Educational Film  (2018)

Whether it was the synthesis of mercury oxide or the analysis of air, the chemist Antoine de Lavoisier was already involved in the production and analysis of chemical substances in the 18th century. The production first differentiates between pure substances and mixtures of substances and then presents de Lavoisier’s discoveries. Basic analyses and syntheses are carried out in the laboratory. Finally, de Lavoisier’s discoveries are related to Dalton’s atomic theory and expanded.



Production Company
heureka ! film
Director & Cinematographer
Alexander Böhle
Chief Editor
3D Motion Graphics
2D Graphics
Executice Producer


Christina Lehni, Dr. Maike Schuchmann
Markus Krämer
Ildico Böhle
Ronald Spiess
Christina Lehni, Alexander Böhle