Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Alexander Böhle
  • Date: 2008
  • Skills: Short Fiction Movie
  • Client: heureka ! film
  • Demo:See Demo

The Red Chapel

Short Fiction Movie  (2009)
Germany in the thirties of 20th century. In a small town seven miners lose their lives in a devistating mine desaster. Many years later, everything seems forgotten. Nicole, a young journalist, goes into the incidents of the disaster with the help of her goord friend Ben. More and more they discover strange contradictions and the tragedy suddenla appears in an entire different light. To find out the truth, Nicole and Ben decide to get to the bottom. But things turn out differently…


Executive Producer
Andy Bittner & Alexander Böhle
Alexander Böhle
Alexander Böhle & Andy Bittner
 Alexander Böhle BVK
Lina Rabea Mohr, Johannes Hauer, Olaf Kraetke, Matthias Rott, Kay Waidelich, Pascal Hoese, Thomas Weinfurtner, Timm Retschmeier, Thomas Schmid, Johann Mayr, Reinhold Stopper, Bernd Diem
Production Manager
Lilly Petrovic
Production Design
Oliver Hoese
Costume Design
Tina Sorge
Make-up artist
Silke Mock
Alex Komlew
Andy Bittner